exhausting day

Wednesday 18 July 00:13

didn’t do much of anything today besides eat.

met up with Jamie and her sis for brunch at Boogaloo’s in the Mission. I haven’t been there in a few years. it’s a little too hipper-than-thou, and I don’t have the proper skinny jeans and ironic clothing to even get past the door. we had the temple o spuds, which is basically a big mound of roasted potatoes with pico de gallo and sour cream. but incredibly delicioso! other stuff too. all great. most excellent were the mimosas, and a poinsetta. (champagne and cranberry juice). i feel like it has a different name at other places.

then I can’t remember what the hell I did. I rode my bike around a lot. tried to go to the bank, but never made it in time.

hung out at the westfield for a while, talking to M.

Went to meet HomeSlice and her parents for dinner at Q. we had to wait for a little while, but it was fine. it gave me some time to have some sangria, while the rest had wine.

I started out with one of the specials, sauteed white(?) jumbo shrimp in beurre blanc over polenta. yummers. next was a flank steak of sorts, with some sauce squeezed on it. it was called [insert unpronounceable name here]. khoteou oektoe or something. Homeboy told us it was an Indonesian(?) Indian(?) Thai(?) hot sauce. (as you can see, I don’t pay much attention to details of food. but I always know whether or not i like it. and i did!)

food was much much better than when I went there for lunch a few months ago. i must’ve gone on an off day or something.

Mr and Mrs HomeSlice were cute. just like any parents. Horsehair was there. i really like her. i should hang out with her more. WineGirl was there, too. she’s a wine buyer. she’s a quiet one, somewhat boring. but all right. it’s good her Boyfriend wasn’t there. i don’t like him too much. he’s got a bit of a Napoleon complex.

dinner was great. we had some wine, food was good, etc. i don’t know why i was so bitchy about going.

HomeSliceSister wasn’t there tonight, she’d already left to go back to NC(?). we talked about the half marathon they (HomeSlice, HomeSliceSister, and Linda) ran in Napa/Sonoma.

i rode home through incredible amounts of fog. really amazing. there’s so much of it. but it’s not cold! surprising. i didn’t need to put on my jacket or anything.

on the way home, i stopped at the 24hour grocery store on California St. i had a hankering for chocolate covered coffee beans. unfortunately for all of us involved, there were none on offer. 😦 so i bought a bar of dark dark dark chocolate. (85% cocoa!) it tastes like what i would imagine charcoal to taste like. not good.

oh, right, i went to the gym today too. Napoleon was there. he runs like a girl. i also saw the guy who looks like Liza Minelli’s gay ex-husband, and various other people for whom I have yet to come up with nicknames.

wow, I just got really tired. zzzzzz


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