special cameo


eeegs is in SF. he’s back for a photo shoot gig. he’s totally gonna be famous! at least for now, in the sound engineering world! very exciting, I know.

Jamie and her sis came into the restaurant tonight! I haven’t seen her sis for years! Jamie and I went to high school together on Wrong Island, and thus, her sis went to high school with us. Sis looks damn good!

what the hell is up with Jamie’s hair? it’s totally dry dry dry dry AGAIN! she needs some ultra conditioner. last time I saw her was at Best of the Bay party. she had just gotten her hair did, and it looked great. now? dry like straw. not hot. just sayin.

ooh, last week, Phatty, Plo’s ex, came in, too. Plo and Bunzai were in on saturday. they went to the Gigantes game. Her relatives were in town or something like that. how did I get on such a tangent? what the hell was I talking about before?

right. Phatty. he dropped in, just because he was walking by. Plo and Bunzai had just left. good thing. because that would have been trés awkward.

immediately after Phatty left, Slow Bartender txtd Bunzai to say that Phatty stopped by. and Bunzai was totally angry for whatever reason. (I heard all this from Plo the next night at work).

Bunzai’s an idiot. why was he angry, and at whom? at Plo? at Phatty? at SlowBartender? Bunzai’s got a lotta anger management issues to deal with.

leave it to Slow Bartender to create some drama because he’s got nothing else going on in his life. <—and I’m not hatin’ on him. just the facts, brah. just the facts.

Oh, right! Ro was in that night too, with her friend from Chica-bang. they were wearing berets, because, hello, it was Bastille Day! they sat at the bar for a while. when they left they said they were going to Bar None. bleah.

damn. lotsa cameos lately.

it’s fun when my friends stop into the restaurant.

17 July 00:48


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