dinner with the fam

and it’s not even my fam!

HomeSlice’s parents and sister are in town. last week, she asked me to go out to dinner with them on Tuesday the 17th. she was planning to go to Emporio Rulli in the Marina. see, on tuesdays, a supposedly famous chef comes up from LA to create some sort of overpriced masterpiece. i was totally into it!

last Thursday, when I was cooking with lawyers, she told me that she’d decided to bag the idea of Rulli, and we’d all go to Q instead. uh, WHAT?!? I took off from work to hang out with your family and go to fucking Q?

bleah! i don’t like spending time with my own family. why would i wanna spend time with someone else’s? i woulda made the exception at least to experience the overpriced chef dish at Rulli. but Q? sub-par comfort food? no thanks. I could be working instead. or better yet, not working, and not going out to dinner with someone else’s parents.

HomeSlice doesn’t get it, does she?

and I’m thinking that Linda and Horsehair must be going along, too. I’m not in the mood to be interrogated by Linda. she asks way too many questions. she’s constantly interviewing people, and trying to over-analyze them. she has way too much time on her hands. she should find some sort of employment soon.

(come on, don’t hate, appreciate!)

I realize that all this ranting makes me sound selfish. well, it’s true, I am selfish. one of the many amazing qualities that makes me so… me. and so loveable. 😀


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