Chatty About Chardonnay

before I went to meet Frank at Mad Dog, I went to Circolo for happy hour. it’s a good one there! I ordered some pork stuffed prawns, soy-ginger chicken wings, fish tacos. all for just a few bucks each. kick ass!

I’m sitting at the bar, reading a weekly rag, when a 40-something, thinning-haired, blondish, neb of a guy sat near me and spoke loudly about the chardonnay he was drinking–I promptly ignored him. then he gave the bartender a cupcake. bartender feigned excitement, and thanked him. apparently, Mr Chatty About Chardonnay is a regular. He went on about getting his license back soon, (yikes! did he get his license taken away because of too many DUI’s–like Bunzai?) and that he’s very excited about it so he doesn’t have to take cabs everywhere, and take Caltrain. blah blah blah. He made sure to mention a story about his “girlfriend” and her annoyance with having to get coffee for him every morning.

I’d had about enough of Mr Chatty About Chardonnay. just then, Frank txted and we decided to meet at Mad Dog. whew.

as I pay my check, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with Mr Chatty About Chardonnay on a daily basis. realizing this, I leave Bartender a few extra bucks. tip karma.


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