daily affirmation

Tues 10 July 16:45

have you ever felt a little self-conscious, or under-appreciated, or otherwise unloved? Then get your ass over to Cafe Gratitude in the Inner Sunset.

eegs and I went there for lunch to discuss his career as a celebrity. I guess he needed a dose of hippie-dippie organic vegan to balance out all the shallow-ness, and self-absorbed-ness of LA. or, maybe he wanted to eat healthier before his next botox or teeth bleaching appointments.

hippie-dippie organic, locally produced, raw, vegan, mostly gluten-free, sometimes nut-free. (well, most of the people there are nuts, but that’s different.) The stuff on the menu has crazy-ass names. You want to order an “I am accepting”. the server then re-affirms and says, “you are accepting”. And *boom*, you’ve just ordered a steamed Bhutanese red rice bowl tossed with raw vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, scallions and Asian sesame dressing.

you’ve gotta check out their menu.

i felt like Stuart Smalley.

I also had an “I am chipper”. an almond butter cup milkshake: soft serve, almond milk,
almond butter and raw cacao chips. mmmmmmm. yummers.

everything’s as expensive as fuck. I guess all that raw food costs a lot.

after I stopped laughing to myself, I realized that this place is so so so very San Francisco. And that’s one of the many reasons I love it here so much. i heart SF. 🙂


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