well done leather

Monday 9 July

2 guys came into the restaurant last night. (no, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke)
one of them ordered his filet mignon WELL DONE. when it arrived, he sent it back, because it wasn’t cooked enough. ok buddy, if you wanna eat ashes, go for it.

mostly foreigners in the restaurant last night. tips were pretty good, but it was all due to volume. strangely, lots of large groups 12+ people. One of my tables camped out from 6pm until 11:30. they didn’t spend very much considering the amount of time they sat there. I like to play this game and figure out who they are, or how they know each other, or why they’re all eating together, etc. i guess it passes the time.

Went to Zuni for brunch with Eeegs, Plo, and Ro yesterday. our server was a little ditzy. probably starstruck from seeing the Eeegs for the first time. Eeegs stopped into the restuarant and Giggles said, “wow, cameo appearance by the supermodel.” Giggles is silly. My ass was draggin last night. It musta been the 3 my-mosas that I had during brunch.


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