snip snip

Thurs 5 July 14:01

(no, that’s not me)

got a haircut today in Hayes Valley.

talked to my hairstylist about my next haircut. I’m gonna buzz it all off soon, a la Britney a few months ago.

afterwards, I walked around Hayes Valley a little. Went to that store with all the guys stuff. G-Star stuff is so damn expensive! imagine what the hell my life would be like if I had an endless supply of money. (it’d probably be a lot like Linda’s).

I called HomeSlice and we discussed where I was gonna eat lunch. I always call her when making very important decisions. i wanted to try this new place, Essencia, but when I looked at the menu, nothing moved me. and it’s a little on the pricey side for a solo lunch. maybe I’ll go there with CrazyCzech.

Alistair called and wanted to swap shifts with me. So I’m in at 4pm instead. been slow at the Restaurant lately. although, the other day, the ceiling was leaking and created a small flood underneath table 4. and the Aloha POS system crashed again. GM was freaking out. so it’s been business-slow , but not drama-slow.

gonna go eat now. maybe somewhere outdoors. it’s California hot again today.


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