happy 4th


Wednesday 4 July 16:02

it’s hot today. like california. went to the gym. boxing class was going on. I really dislike the “chh-chh-chh” noises the boxers make when throwing a punch.

walked up polk st. trying to go to the Bell Tower. too crowded, no outside seating. that’s always a problem in this town. it’s a very infrequent occurrence that it’s warm enough to sit outside in July without the need for a sweater. and when it is warm enough, the entire city has the same idea. ::sigh::

Lombardi’s was next door, and CrazyCzech went inside in search of a new man-bag for him. for a few months now, he’s been carrying around a fugly-ass backpack . I dunno why, because he’s got several other man-bags that are much better in size and style. He bought one from Timbuk 2. cool as fuck! sorta crescent shaped, but with a single strap, like a messenger bag. looked online, can’t find a pic of it anywhere.

HomeSlice called while we were in Lombardi’s. She’s spending her independence day, independently from anyone.

CrazyCzech was able to get a 15% discount at Lombardi’s with his gym membership. wow. membership has its privileges.

we continued walking up polk st. and decided that we’d try Petit Robert.

well, apparently, Petit Robert is celebrating Bastille Day early, because I can’t think of any other reason why it’d be closed on an American holiday. agh, the French!

outside outside outside seating… ah, I know, Nook on Hyde!

we make our way up there, and pass the eye-talian restaurant Amarena on the way. They do a happy hour every other Thursday. interesting. but how do I know when it’s the “other” Thursday?

Nook was great! we ordered a ham sammich with some sort of cheese and sage on it. yummers. and a beet salad. usually i’m a big fan of beets, but this salad was, meh. a couple a glasses of white wine and a little table in the sun, and it was a most excellent way to celebrate our country’s independence from the oh-so oppresive Brits. excellent people watching. it’s on a corner, and cable cars pass by every few minutes, loaded with gawking tourists from far away places like Orinda and Pleasanton.

I’m getting ready for my shift at the restaurant tonight. I think I’m workin with DonnyG and Boobs. I have no idea if it’ll be slow.

Gotta plan my trip to NYC. I usually go there in July or August to experience hot.


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