stress dreams about waiter-ing

I just woke up from a little nap.

I had nightmares about waiting tables! it was me and Krazi working a big room that resembled a concert hall. every table was facing front. an aisle in the middle divided the room in half. every time i turned my head, my section would grow bigger, and there’d be 1 or 2 or 3 or more tables where people were already seated.

at one point I went over to the other side to help out Krazi, and took a 3-top. when I returned to my “section”, I had 2 more tables. When I approached them, i realized that the menu was totally unfamiliar. and I was using hand written tickets (which I don’t know how to use)

it stressed me out so much.

i’m glad it was only a dream.


2 Responses to “stress dreams about waiter-ing”

  1. Yes.

    I have a re-occuring dream in which me and the Maitre D’ are both running downstairs, to get a bottle of wine in the wine cellar, and the stairs just keep going and going, and we keep going down down down, and the cellar isn’t anywhere in sight, and with every step we realize that we are getting further and further from the air above—- but the guest still needs their wine, so we keep going deeper into the earth, and the wine cellar never appears.

    It’s awful.

    I’d love for you to post some of your dreams on my blog under THE SHIFT DINK page.

  2. My blog is devoted to these nightmares! I’ve been in the restaurant business for 12 years, and have these dreams all the time. Check out my blog!

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