the iPhone made it’s debut the other day.

All the reports say that the Apple Stores opened their doors promptly at 6pm to sell it. does that mean they’d been closed all day prior? that doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

I’m not an Apple person. I don’t edit pics, I don’t listen/create music on my computer, I don’t edit movies. and porn looks just as good on my PC thanks.

Back to the IHype iPhone. prohibitively expensive. it uses EDGE? not 3G? (i’m not sure exactly what that means) and i don’t think it uses a SIM card, so you can’t easily transfer info from your old phone. i dunno. i’m not geeky enough to understand the ins and outs of it all. but I know someone who is.

I hope Frank blogs about it soon. I wanna get her take on it. 😉

I need a new cell phone. I’ve been flirting with the Nokia N73. or a Nokia 6300. sexy.




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