happy hour

Tues 3 July 10:58

yesterday, Monday, CrazyCzech kept pestering me to go for happy hour at Hog Island Oyster Bar. Their happy hour consisted of $1 oysters, and $3.50 beers. I don’t like oysters. (well, that’s not true. I love all the accoutrements of oysters: mignionette; lemon, tabasco. just don’t really like the oyster part. tastes like the ocean.) I don’t like beer. so the thought of happy hour at an oyster bar, has no appeal for me. after turning him down about 12x, I finally broke down and agreed to go.

together, we ordered 2 and a half dozen oysters.  i ate 4 of them. he ate the rest.

it’s a pretty good deal, if you get the $1 oysters. the day’s selection were Chelsea (?). but the others are pretty pricey.


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