Sunday 2 July 23:48

incredibly lazy. don’t even remember what I’ve done for the past few days. but it hasn’t been drinking.

off today. went to brunch with the CrazyCzechs. tried Canteen, but the place is so damn tiny, and it was too busy. went to Cheesecake. I know, very embarrassing. But it was warm like California today, and Cheesecake has outdoor seating.

Then I sat in Union Sq. flipped through the SFWeekly. then came home, surfed Yelp to find a suitable karaoke-ing place to go with Lisa.

Hey, I went for sushi last night at Katana-Ya. (hi, non-sequitur)

HomeSlice called me a little while ago. I was supposed to go to her place for dinner tonight, but didn’t have it in me. didn’t feel like being social. we discussed the dinner party. Horsehair and New Guy; JimnTom; and Zach and Boyfriend were there. That’s a lotta “ands”. It sounded like couples hell. glad I wasn’t there.

I have no idea what I did all day saturday. did I go to the gym? I really can’t remember. must not have been too exciting.

Wait. just checked dodgeball. went to Red Door Cafe for lunch. Ahmed was very happy to see us. His hair is getting really long and bushy. and his shorts are getting really short. I overheard him talking to one of his customers. He and his boyfriend live in Dolores Park area now, they’re in the process of moving to Oakland now.

ok, that was yesterday. what else did I do today?

watched Princess Di concert on VH1 on Demand on my laptop. snoozy. Prince Harry is now the better-looking of the two Princes.

Discovered the REISS store in the new mawwwl. (I have to say it like that. I’m from Wrong Island, remember?) quickly txtd Frank to tell her the good news.

I’m hungry now. I totally didn’t go to the Farmer’s Market today. or the gym. or food shopping. or open house-ing.

I must have been working a lot lately.

makes sense, since Bunzai quit.

Eeegs is coming back to SF for a photo shoot. He’s gonna be a celebrity. and I’ll be part of the posse. I’m stoked.

wow, i totally forgot to blog about Best of the Bay party. and all the iPhone hype.

too bad for you!

i’m still lazy.

gasp! I forgot to pay rent today!

off monday, tuesday. great to have days off, but then I have to work 5 consecutive days. i’m already exhausted for me.


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