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burned to ashes

Posted in annoying with tags on Monday 30 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

this is a rant. it may sound racist. so if you’re hyper-sensitive, or easily offended, don’t read it

steak well done

why is it that (usually black) people want their burgers WELL DONE? not just well done, but so well done that it’s almost unrecognizable as meat.

i’m manager tonight.

woman at table 31 ordered her burger well done. and it was prepared well done, just as she ordered. when it got to the table, she sent it back, claiming it was too bloody. she wanted it well well well done.

you know what, bee-atch? you’re eating animal flesh. there’s gonna be pink in it somewhere. deal with it.

if you’re into eating dry, tasteless food go for it. just don’t do it on my clock. if you want grey meat, she shoulda gone to Burger King.


are you famous?

Posted in brunch, celebrities, Eegs, sub-lebrities on Monday 30 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

30 July 8:35

just came back from breakfast with eegs. he had a photo shoot this morning. wow, these early morning call-times would kill me. i’m glad he’s the actor, and i’m just along for the ride.

at breakfast, this Asian woman comes up to him, and says something along the lines of:

“excuse me, sorry to bother you. are you a Korean actor?”

“no, i’m not.”

“oh, i see. is it okay if my friend takes a picture of you?”


i told him he should get used to it, because he’s going to be famous one day. 🙂

tea for who?

Posted in san francisco with tags , on Sunday 29 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sun 29 July 10:35

samovar tea lounge

yesterday afternoon, CrazyCzech dragged me to Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena. expensive. i had a green tea soymilk ginger shake. it was pretty heavy. a little bit spicy, too. overall, ok. but it cost $6.50 CrazyCzech had an iced tea; lets say it was a… masala chai something? this is gonna be an expensive addiction for him!

vampires beware

Posted in Eegs, Gilroy, san francisco with tags on Saturday 28 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Sat 28 July 12:15

garlic ice cream

woke up this morning still exhausted from yesterday’s Gilroy Garlic Festival.

it wasn’t the festival that was so exhausting, it was the apres-activities. went to the outlets, too. bought a new lime squisher for work! very exciting, i know.

CrazyCzech and i czeched out some digital cameras, at the SONY store. i have to replace his camera i lost during the drunken revelry called BaytoBreakers a few months ago.

Eeegs is in town. he’s got some more gigs. ironic that he’s getting gigs here in SF after he’s moved to LA. such is the life of a soon-to-be-A-list model/actor.

i think i may have a slight sunburn. how odd. i thought i had ample melanin in my body. apparently not.
or, the sun must be stronger way out there.

garlic heads

Posted in Gilroy with tags on Saturday 28 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

28 July 1:39

gilroy garlic heads

i was so amused by these people i had to take a pic. they were very excited.



and here’s the mascot!

garlic bob

omg. the Garlic Fest was the greatest! i had garlic ice cream! stuffed garlic mushrooms! and i don’t even like garlic!

the rest of the day was spent thrifting, and outlet shopping. and eating at embarrassing chain restaurants. Chevy’s for happy hour drinks, and Crapplebee’s much later for dinner. i’m exhausted.

i got an official Gilroy Garlic Festival t-shirt. very excited.


Posted in clubs, DJ with tags on Friday 27 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Fri 27 July

went to Harlot last night.

was ok. the space is great. it’s just behind Salt House.

the bouncer’s a fucking ass. but that’s his problem.

the music kinda sucked-ass. it was a louder version of ultra-lounge. it was like going clubbing in the early 00’s.

spotted DJ Solomon in the crowd, as well Chris Clouse.
CrazyCzech thinks that they might be boyfriends.

headed to Gilroy now! borrowed the other CrazyCzech’s car. had to pick it up in the Richmond.

grab the Altoids ™

Posted in Gilroy with tags on Thursday 26 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Thurs 26 July  12:17

gilroy garlic

oooh. since our kick-ass trip to Gilroy a few months back, CrazyCzech and I have been anxiously awaiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival. it starts this weekend! we’re both working this weekend, so we’re going Friday for the opening ceremony. (i have no idea if there actually is an opening ceremony, but it’s funny.)

garlic ice cream, here i come!

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