Thurs 28 June 15:20

already with the drama.  I’m headed to work to pick up food and supplies.  San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay party is tonight, and our restaurant is donating some food.  It’s not difficult, we’re bringing what we usually bring.  little fritters made of shrimp and corn. with a dipping sauce.  fried goodness.  people love it. i kinda have a love-hate relationship with them.  Overall, it’s not so much about promoting the food at the restaurant, as it is promoting the restaurant in general.

I got a txt from Dre telling me that the kitchen thought that they had until 6pm to make the fritters.  The event starts at 6pm, what the hell were they thinking?

Now I’ve gotta figure out if I’ll have enough fritters, and if I’ll have them in time for the event.  stupid drama, but still drama nonetheless.

I did some laundry today too. I’ve gotta figure out what to wear to this thing.  (It’s all about looks, you know.)

the after-party is at Slide. We’ll see how it all pans out.


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