post shift drinks

Wed 27 June 12:35

thats how i feel today.

went to Prick last nite with CrazyCzech. The bitchy bartender who looks like Phoebe Cates wasn’t there. instead, it was the guy with buzzcut who is usually a server. I usually go there on Tuesday nights because they have 50% off bottle wine special. (again, what’s with all the beer and wine lately?)

the 50% special is no longer valid, instead they do wine flights for $12.

I have a Woodford Reserve Manhattan on the rocks. CrazyCzech has a flight. nothing specifically fun or interesting happened at Prick.

We go up the hill to Amelie. the new-ish wine bar on Polk. It’s cool as fuck in there. It was hoppin. The bartender/owner guy, Germain, was giving us enoromous pours of pinot noir that I don’t remember. I think we had three of them. I decide that although I don’t like wine, Amelie is okay. not a place that I’d choose to go all the time, but it’s a cool space. The people there are a little annoying though.

Stumbled home probably around 1am, but stopped for pizza on the way home.

Woke up today hungry, thirsty, and dazed. still am.

hey, I think Germain only charged us for one glass of wine each. and I can picture leaving him lotsa cash. hm. maybe I drank more than I realized. and I also had 3 wine shpritzers towrds the end of my shift at work. no wonder I’m hungover.

don’t wanna work tonight. I’m supposed to interview a new server.
I should eat something. maybe a cheeseburger. but first a short nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

aggggh! I just realized that I locked my bike outside of Prick. and of course I was too drunk to remember it last night. I gotta go retrieve it. at least I wasn’t BWI again. Hope the crackheads didn’t steal anything off it.


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