Tuesday 26 June 13:27

at Pride festivities in the CivicCenter this past Sunday, I saw several people i “know” from the gym.  the Shaved Head Guy From Yoga.  random Crunch Trainers.  Ahmed with some guy in the castro. Ahmed’s looking very skinny lately.

at Queen party at the embarcadero, I saw the Gay Porn Stars.  I don’t know if they’re actually porn stars, but one is always wearing a Hot House t-shirt.  One of them got his braces off. (no, he’s not young–looks somewhere around 32-38 or so).

today at the gym I saw Jocelyn Wildenstein Clone.  yesterday, Guy Who Lost Lotsa Weight; Napoleon; Runner Guy with Fernet Hat.

I should stop this silliness and update my previous posts about LA.    😛


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