SF or a surrounding ‘burb?

Tuesday 26 June 9:30

on the metroblogs today, I came across this interesting snip about
SF vs. the ‘burbs.

it happens to me a lot when I travel. When I tell people I live in SF, they ask me: “what part?” and I answer: “the Tenderloin”. they are seemingly surprised that I didn’t say a suburb more familiar to them: Antioch, Orinda, San Rafael, Fremont, Milpitas, Livermore or any of those other horrible places.

I’m not hatin’. If you live outside of SF, say so. Don’t front and pretend that you live in San Francisco.

come on, lets be honest. once you cross over into the avenues, or the other side of twin peaks, you’re pretty much in a “small town”. Hell, even ‘hoods like the Mission and the Haight feel kinda suburb-y to me. That’s why I live in the ‘loin. It’s in the middle of everything, and to me, if feels most like a city. I admit, it’s probably because I’m from NY. (well, I grew up on Wrong Island, but I got my ass offa there as soon as I finished college in Boston.)

see, I’m not frontin’. Long Island! woooooo!!


One Response to “SF or a surrounding ‘burb?”

  1. they’ll have you suicidal suicida. Essa Morty.

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