lots to write about

Monday 25 June. 14:31

totally don’t have any time now. Gotta get to work. mgr tonight again.

after much pre-shift drama on Saturday, Bunzai quit. He was drunk at the baseball game with Slow Bartender that afternoon. he was hoping to get offa work so he could continue to imbibe large quantities. i told him he needs to show up for his shift. after much back and forth, he quit. about 30 minutes before we’re scheduled to open. more on that drama later.

Saturday night, went to Energy 92.7 dance party at the Pier. kinda lame.

yesterday, Sunday, along with the rest of the city, I attended Pride festivities at the Civic Center.

several observations:

  • dykes on bykes are kool!
  • lesbians are all about the plaid shorts.
  • the guys who are naked in public are usually the ones who should never be naked in public
  • the Fauxhawk is all the rage amongst young gays, and cooler hipper younger lesbians. (not the same lesbians with plaid shorts)

went to Bar Bambino with HomeSlice last night. food ok. service, was surprisingly, suck ass! decided to forgo dessert there, because our waiter dude was so damn slow, and went to Bar Tartine for a most excellent cheese plate, dessert, and port!

Will write more about each of these topics, and more. maybe I’ll post some pics too.

well, lets be honest. I probably won’t post pictures just yet.

ah dammit. I still didn’t write about my mis-adventures in LA yet. I’m behind.


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