are you in or out?

Sunday 24 June.

It’s Pride weekend. lotsa extra queers running around the city. more so than usual. 😉

pretty slow both friday and sat at the restaurant. I was managing the whole weekend. GM went to Napa with her hubby for the weekend.

saturday nite, I noticed throngs (uh, if you can classify about 12-15 people a throng) of baseball fans hanging outside the hotel right across the corner from the restaurant. They were all hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite Yankee. They’re in town playing the Giants (?) It must be inter-league play. Los Yanquis are AL and Los Gigantes are NL. What do I know, I don’t follow baseball. They were there for hours. just standing around, talking, waiting. Seems a little crazy to me.

Went to the Mint  on Friday night. was kinda fun, although many of the singers have this sense of entitlement. I’ll hand it to ’em–they’re good. but they’re so damn arrogant about it. Most actually think they’re actual rockstars and demand to be treated as such. it’s a weird subculture. only stayed for a drink, then moved on to explore more pre-Pride bacchanalia.

Next stop was The Metro. Outdoor patio of sorts overlooks all the mayhem on Market way crowded. pretty good music though. again, stayed for only a drink.

more later. going to watch the parade.


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