shift rant

manager tonight. 

Why the hell is Krazi a server if she doesn’t want tables?  I tell her that as soon as any of those tables gets up, we’re gonna seat them again. 

“Why are they seating down here? There are plenty of tables upstairs”,  is the reply I get from her.

she’s a goddam psycho.

Lotsa campers tonight too.  Just because you’re a table of 4, and you’re going to the theater at 8pm, doesn’t mean you should make your reservation at 5:30pm, and then show up early at 5pm. They’re usually finished by about 6:30. This is where the camping begins… they’ll order coffee, or continue to hang out because they’re thinking: “oh, we’ve plenty of time till we have to be at the show.” Meanwhile, their check has been sitting there, collecting dust for the past 45 mintues. 

I’m trying to run a business here folks.  You wanna linger over a double non-fat latte with vanilla syrup and no foam?  Great.  Starfuckers is just around the corner. 

Once your meal is over, get the fuck out.  I’ve got about 20+ people chompin’ at the bit to sit at your still-warm chair as soon as you leave.

agh.  maybe I should not work in restaurants anymore.


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