shallow. self-centered. gorgeous.

I love LA.
because I too, am shallow, self-centered and gorgeous. 😉

it’s warm. people are beautiful.

traffic sucks though. food ok, but what do you expect in a town full of eating disorders?

did some shopping. Scored at the Crossroads on Melrose.
Noticed that hipster guys are sporting ‘staches, and killer mullets. They look like rednecks from Alabama, ‘cept that they’re wearing $300 jeans, and $170 t-shirts.

LA women try to wear as little as possible. Whether or not it’s a good look for them. sky high stilettos too. Toto, we’re not in SF anymore. and I love it.

beautiful people everywhere! Even the ugly people are beautiful. Everyone is constantly posing, primping, preening.

mon 18 June 11:47

Grace. celebrities. sub-lebrities. TheStandard. sushi. theValley. crunch. conversation snippets. Caffe Primo. Il Sole. stalkerazzi.


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