shift rants

it’s about 2am.

felt like a long night. because it was one. started out crappy. got better, then it sucked again. such is the life.

Blond Hostess sat the wrong party of 13 downstairs. we were expecting a different party, with set menus. when these folks sat, they pointed out that the menus in front of them weren’t theirs. it’s all such a comedy of errors. Turns out the reservation notes were switched around. 2 different reservations of 13-15ppl, coming in at the same time, and they got mixed up.

later at 9:15, a party of 33 French fucktards came in. Well, their reservation was at 9:15, but they didn’t get there until about 10:00. They had a set menu, and were demanding as hell. turn down the lights too bright in here, a/c on too high, we’re supposed to get bottled water, blah blah.

rubie is an idiot.

upstairs wasn’t so busy. I shuffled up there for a bit. Noticed that Mo was hangin out at the bar. Haven’t seen him since the Haight St Fair last week. Later I notice Simon. He’s not as drunk as he usually is, and for the time, his shirt is still on.

Made decent $$ tonight. kick ass! because for some reason, everyone at work is totally broke lately. There’s been lots of attempts to steal pick up shifts; usually with little success.

After work, at about 1:15, I stop into Bacchus Kirk. The Bitch Bartendress isn’t there, so I decide to stay for a drink.

at 1:24am, a bazillion people all appear outta nowhere! wow. just like that, and it’s suddenly busy.

I decide that all these people know each other from Academy of Art University. AAU seems more like a real estate company than an institution of higher learning. They somehow buy lots of prime real estate throughout SanFrancisco. And they keep getting bigger.

Managing tomorrow. (Fri). Also gotta do some laundry before I leave for LA. (sigh) I’m tired for me already.


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