sunny afternoon

how strange that it’s warm again today. Since I never get to wear shorts in June, I rode my bike to Dolores Park. After hanging out for a few hours, I had to leave. I was ravenously hungry, and irritating drumcircles were forming. bleah. oh, and also I felt like I had too much sun. Melanoma isn’t a goal I’m trying to achieve.

On my bike ride home I found a new eye-talian eatery place. it’s called Farina. 18th btw Guerrero/Valence. focaccia and cucina italiana. the Chowhounders don’t seem to like it. (But, those who have commented also seem to adore Range for some reason.) the decor at Farina is very minimalistic. it’s completely designed and staged, like it’s waiting for it’s photoshoot in Wallpaper mag or something. I dunno. I’ll try it eventually.

Frank and I discussed our trip to LA. Should be fun. I left a message for Chatty, in case she’s around, we can try to hang out. I remember from my past experience, it ends up being quite frustrating to hang out with her. Especially now that she has a boyfriend, and she lives with her sis. That’s 2 extra people whose schedule you need to plan around. exhausting. However, I hope I get to hang out with Eeegs. He just moved to LA from SF to become an ac-TOR.

I’ve identified the apt building that I want to live in.went to the open house this past sunday 10th. it’s the yellow one. just a little further up the hill, away from the crackheads. 1 BR. It’s somewhat in my price range, too. Now all I need to come up with is a few tens-of-thousands more $$ for the down payment, and I’ll have a new place. :-/


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