I booked my tix to LA. I’m leaving on Saturday morning at the ass-crack of dawn. Strangely, my flight + car was less than than booking a flight alone. weird. It’s last-minute web fare. I ain’t complaining.

Had to do some finagle-ing. I picked up stole a shift from DonnyG. (Thurs.) Then, I gave away Sat and Sun to theBrit. which leaves me free to go to LA with Frank. (in retrospect, I probably should stay here this weekend, and not spend so much damn money that I know I WILL spend in LA, but… money is meant to be enjoyed sometimes.)

I was supposed to hang out with HomeSlice tomorrow night, but she’ll have to deal.

stopped into Slide after work tonight. DJ Solomon was playing again. with Chris Clouse. I much prefer it when DJ Solomon plays solo. I’m not so into the guitar-y sound. just saying.

got a pair of pants fixed in Chinatown earlier today. only cost $3. there was a small tear above my left knee on a pair of G-Star pants. G-Star stuff, although looks great, is suck-ass quality, considering how fucking-A expensive it is. Glad I only buy it on supersale. 😛


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