california dreamin’


It’s actually almost hot today in SF! It’s like living in California!

Went to the CivicCenter Farmer’s Market earlier. Doing my part to support our local farmers. (i’ll get off my soapbox now.)

not much else. did some laundry.

yesterday I was lazy lazy lazy. I got rid of my throw rug, (which was actually a really thick bedspread from the ’70s, that I’d found at ThriftTown when I first moved here). But getting rid of my bedsprug required lots of furniture moving, re-arranging, vaccuuming, paper purging, etc. exhausting.

It wasn’t until almost 9pm when I dragged my ass to the gym. This time, I saw different “gym friends”: Chubby Latino Guy (I noticed he lifts lots of heavy weights), Barefoot Kickboxer Guy, Tall Guy from Yoga.

It wasn’t very crowded there last night, and I noticed that several people were wearing clothes from Hollister Co. strange. are we 14 years old? Don’t they ID you to make sure that you’re under 18 to even enter the store? 😀

While on the elliptical machine last night, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was on SpikeTV. barbaric. yet captivating and fascinating. Got to watch about 15 minutes of it, while simultaneously watching VH1, and Tyra Banks.

theBrit texted me today and wanted to pick up steal my Saturday shift. I totally can’t afford not to work, but Frank invited me to LA for the weekend. And at the time, I couldn’t go with her, because I was working. If I can call in some favors and get a sucker someone to work for me on Sunday, I’ll be LA-bound! I’ll have to think about it, though. That condo isn’t gonna buy itself.


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