royale with cheese

No, I didn’t go to McDonald’s. Was hungry after my shift, so I went to Harry’s Bar for burger night. $8 for a burger, fries and a beer! kick ass! (notice, again, I’m drinking beer. And I don’t like beer. But, are you gonna have a manhattan-on-the-rocks with your burger? see? probably not. beer goes better with it.)

when I was unlocking my bike, I heard a guy on his cell phone arguing with (I assume) his girlfriend. He apparently didn’t answer when she called, and she didn’t believe that his phone didn’t ring: “…I don’t have any missed calls. I saw that I had a voicemail, and when I listened to it, it was you. No, I wasn’t ignoring your call.” and so forth. such inane relationship drama.

tonight’s tables were mostly conventioneers. mostly indecisive ones. Ones that need lots of attention, who want me to perform/suggest/entertain them. I think I went on a rant about them once before. oh the banality of it all. Perhaps I should stop working in restaurants.

tonight was JP’s last night. he’s going to Mallorca to live with his (American) girlfriend, and work on a boat as a deck hand, or something like that.

Rob was hanging out at the bar when I finished my shift. He used to be a barback somewhere, but he got canned. he must still be unemployed.

I’m off tomorrow night (tues). v. excited about it, although I have no plans yet.

I’ve got the song: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (MCR) stuck in my head.

earlier tonight, I had the theme from the Greatest American Hero stuck in there. Usually, I’ll get a song stuck in my head, and sing it to whoever is nearby. It, of course, immediately gets stuck in their heads too. It’s a fun game to play with your coworkers. Last week, it was Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani. good times.


One Response to “royale with cheese”

  1. 8 bucks… not bad.

    I also have MCR stuck in my head. Not a complaint, mind you. I actually like that band.

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