love and haight st fair

Yesterday, Sunday, after an overwhelming morning of Civic Center farmer’s market and looking at small, over-priced condos that I still can’t afford, I went to the hippie heaven: the Haight Street fair.

I was supposed to meet Frank there around 3pm. As I rode my bike there, my cell phone blows up, and it was Alistair, (the brit from work). He and a bunch of friends were at the fair, on Clayton. Stop by and say hello, etc. I make my way over there.

Hm. no sign of Alistair, but I did find a booth that sold falafels. mmmmm.

At the Cold Steel Piercing place, there’s a bunch of partiers dancing and drinking on the flat roof. Chubby guy gets a little carried away, and strips off his shorts, and continues dancing, his manhood flipfloppin around to the squeals and laughter and cheers from everyone down below. One of SF’s finest climbs up onto the roof and promptly slaps handcuffs on homeboy. Apparently, nakedness is not as tolerated at the Haight St fair, as it is at BayToBreakers.

Eventually I wind my way to the end of Haight st, near Cha Cha Cha. I spot Donny on the fire escape mackin’ with some girl. I scream out his name, and he buzzes me up.

As I walk up the stairs, I wonder who’s apt it is. I’m greeted at the door by Mo, a friend of a friend from work. Cool. When I enter, I see all the usual suspects, Alistair, DonnyG, NayNay, Brit, Simon. This is gonna be fun, I think to myself. I notice that these guys are already wasted, and it’s only 4pm.

They show me to the keg and I pump myself a beer. (why the hell have I been drinking so much beer lately?)  Later, I find out that the keg is Trumer Pils.  wow.  it’s so very “right now”.

Giggles and Carlita show up a few minutes later, and the party’s on. meanwhile, I’m getting txts from Frank. She’s been downtown shopping, in her hungover stupor. she makes her way over, and the festivites continue.

Several shots of Fernet later, Simon rips off his shirt, and Brit is tossing popcorn and Simon’s actually catching most of it in his mouth. quite impressive. The bacchanalia continues.

A few beers later, me and Frank leave to get some grub. Went to Zazie. Excellent cheese plate. drank some more.

Afterwards, we decided it would be a good idea to go to the Alembic for some more drinks. I had something called the Mediterranean Homesick Blues. It’s made with 209 gin. excellent.

After our tipple there, we decided to call it a night. Walked back to Frank’s place. (She let me borrow Harry Potter book #5, which I just remembered this second. I need to start reading it!)

I find my bike still locked where I left it, (bonus!) and start biking home. (As you remember, I recently decided that I should stop BWI–Biking While Intoxicated, but apparently, that rule gets broken on certain occasions; this being one of them. wow. it’s good that I wear a helmet.)

I’m riding somewhere around Buchanan and Page (?) when CrazyCzech calls me. We decide that, since it’s Sunday, we should take advantage of happy hour at Jade. Several drinks later, I’m walking my bike home.

I wake up this afternoon, with a slight hangover, that’s easily cured with some thai food.


apparently, yesterday in my drunken stupor, I somehow got suckered into covering Alistar’s shift tonight. GM just called from work. I’ll probably be working downstairs tonight, because Giggles needs the night off, and GM needs two “bangers” as she calls it, downstairs. Makes sense. there are probably a lot of conventions in town, and SlowBartender, Rubie, and Jeppers are all too slow to handle the pace. I wonder who I’m working with.


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