hangover ramblings

I’m feeling really slow today. must be hungover.
Yesterday, I started drinking at 4pm, and continued to do so until about 1am.  of course I had several meals in between, but still, that’s a long time to be intoxicated.

I’ve gotta read Harry Potter#5. Frank let me borrow it last night. we were trying to remember the name of the guards at Azkaban. (dementors!)

I just listened to “Umbrella” by Rihanna. It’s not as bad as I remember. I don’t like her, though. She kinda looks like an alien, or a Bratz doll.

Dad just called me. He’s telling me that he wants to gift me some airline miles; just for the fuck of it. that’s great! Now, if only he’d gift me about $30k for a down payment on a condo. Housing prices are insanely inflated right now.

I need to buy a digital camera to replace the one that I lost that belonged to CrazyCzech.

ugh. why did I agree to pick up Alistair’s shift tonight? I’m very lazy. Haven’t been to the gym in a few days. My “gym friends” must be wondering what the hell happened to me. yeah right.

Was fighting off a cold on Friday. I think I might have successfully conquered it. thanks, Emergen-C!

I’m off tomorrow. (tues). should I go somewhere? maybe i’ll clean my apt. (unlikely.)

Frank and I recently just started twittering. There’s a way to twitter someone directly. still trying to work out all the details.  damn, between dodgeball and twitter, I’m constantly tapping away at my cell phone.


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