more than just garlic

Friday 8 June 2007.

off yesterday. borrowed a Zipcar, and along with CrazyCzech, decided to embark upon a trip to the unknown. Gilroy. It’s apparently the Garlic capital of the world.

when we got there, we discovered so much more. It’s a quaint small town. we stumbled upon a Salvation Army. It was ok. Stuff was very cheap, although we didn’t find anything.

We drove around some more, and noticed signs for the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, formerly known as Bonfante Gardens . We investigate. There’s a $40 entrance fee for the rides/attractions and gardens. I decide that we need not admire the gardens from a-near, when we’re perfectly capable of admiring the gardens from afar. It seemed very kid-oriented as well.

We continue driving down one of the main drags, and come across a big-(ish) faux Eye-talian restaurant, Mamma Mia’s. it turned out to be a chain, with other locations in Morgan Hill, Campbell, and somewhere else I can’t remember. It had outdoor seating, and quaint charming-ness about it.

Our lunch was baked goatcheese portobello mushroom starter, curry gnocchi, and I had a fettuccine calabrese. Basically, spicy sausage and pasta with red sauce. mmmmm.

After lunch, we were still determined to eventually make our way to the outlets. we stumbled upon the local Goodwill. This was a goodwill like no other. Everything in the store was brand new, but all of it were castoffs from Target. yeah. everything. clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics, housewares, cleaning supplies, EVERYTHING. It was like shopping in a Target Outlet.

I totally scored a new rug, and those things for the stove top!

Several hours later, we eventually headed to the Gilroy Outlets.

Normally, I’m not an outlet shopper. I find the pain and suffering of sifting through tons and tons of ugly, unwearable, schmata for that one piece that you really didn’t like anyway, but are buying it because you’ve spent so much time looking at crappy clothes/colors/styles, just isn’t worth the effort.

This time, however, I totally scored a pair of gold puma sneakers. They totally kick ass.

While we were out and about, we kept seeing the same people walking around. And at one point, we saw another Zipcar parked near us. This one was a Scion xB. about a half hour later, when we pulled into the parking lot of the Nike Factory Store, and saw the same Scion xB Zipcar once again! funny.

Stopped by the Sony store, and looked at new digital cameras, since I lost CrazyCzech’s camera at BayToBreakers last month. 😦

Also looked at sony vaio laptops: rrrrrrr… sek-SAYYY! although a little outta my price range right now.

Dinner was at the local Chevy’s. we got $5 off our meal because we had a coupon from the Gilroy Outlets shopping guide! yeah!


2 Responses to “more than just garlic”

  1. Sony

    sony vaio notebook sz440

  2. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

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