current time: 1:58am 6 June 2007.

agh. tonight’s shift was irritating because of the clientele. Why is it that some of my tables feel that I’m there to entertain them?

• what can you tell us about the menu?
• you haven’t told us your name yet!
• what’s your favorite? (usually followed by: “oh, I don’t eat meat/pork/fish/lamb/soup”, etc.) —so then, WHY THE FUCK did you ask me?

There are the high maintenance people. They want the sauce on the side, they’re “allergic” to nuts/gluten/wheat/eggs/butter/salt/olive oil/garlic/onions/and pretty much everything else on the menu.

the complainers.

the indecisive.

those who say “we’re ready to order now”. only to be dumbfounded by the whole situation when I ask them what they’d like to have.

It seems like every one of my tables was like this tonight. sucky tips, too.


I’m tired of being a waiter. glad I’m off tomorrow. Still haven’t decided what to do with my day/night.


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