slightly Jaded

currently: tuesday 5 June. 16:45pm.

Got outta work early-ish on Sunday night. went to HotelBiron with Robi for some cheese. Excellent cheese plate–triple cream something or other. mmmm.

We started off with some wine, a Tempranillo from España, which I discovered that I completely adore. I know I always enjoy Tempranillo. This one, however, was kick ass!

around midnight, Plo and Bunzai show up. they just got offa work, too. we buy another bottle of wine because it was so damn tasty, and cheap too! only $24. yowsers.

Then, I think we may have gotten another bottle of wine? This is where it gets hazy.

Sometime around 1am we decide that we MUST partake in happy hour at Jade, and to see our favorite bartendress, Fern. At Jade, a few $2 drinks later, we musta left to go home.

I woke up the next day still in my clothes from the night before. A quick inventory check reveals that I’m alone in my bed (damn). Cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. All accounted for. Excellent.

I have no recollection of how I got home. Did I walk? Did we take a cab? perhaps. Me Robi, Plo, and Bunzai all live within a few blocks of each other. I check my cell phone for txts (I find that I tend to TWI–Text While Intoxicated quite often.)

more later. gotta get to work now.


Ok, so the next day, (monday) I’m not hungover in the traditional headache/queasy stomach/sensitive to light and noise sort of way. I was mostly just lazy. Lazy lazy lazy.

I meet up with CrazyCzech at the Bell Tower. sort of in our ‘hood, but a little further up. Never seems to be crowded, and food is mediocre at best. Always great when hungover. Had a cheeseburger with bleu cheese. CrazyCzech ordered a pilsner of sorts for me. it’s so strange that in the last couple-a days, I’ve been drinking mostly beer and wine. and I enjoy neither.

Eventually went to work. realized that my hangover was getting worse. I was still lazy lazy lazy. Got offa work by about 10pm. Met CrazyCzech at Cheesecake Factory. I know, HOW embarrassing. But sometimes, you just need to embrace it. The food isn’t great, but it’s so very standard. and their drinks are so frou-frou. I had a bellini. But it was blended. Looked kinda like a daiquiri.


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