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Posted in bar, drinking, SF, Slide on Friday 29 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Fri 29 June 15:43

I guess I’ve been going to Slide a lot, because at yesterday’s Best of the Bay Area party, I ran into the bartendress from Slide, who was working at the event. I didn’t recognize her, but as soon as I walked up to the bar, she knew who I was.
She’s cute.  I gave her some vouchers for free glasses of wine.  Hope she stops in soon.   🙂



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Thurs 28 June 15:20

already with the drama.  I’m headed to work to pick up food and supplies.  San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay party is tonight, and our restaurant is donating some food.  It’s not difficult, we’re bringing what we usually bring.  little fritters made of shrimp and corn. with a dipping sauce.  fried goodness.  people love it. i kinda have a love-hate relationship with them.  Overall, it’s not so much about promoting the food at the restaurant, as it is promoting the restaurant in general.

I got a txt from Dre telling me that the kitchen thought that they had until 6pm to make the fritters.  The event starts at 6pm, what the hell were they thinking?

Now I’ve gotta figure out if I’ll have enough fritters, and if I’ll have them in time for the event.  stupid drama, but still drama nonetheless.

I did some laundry today too. I’ve gotta figure out what to wear to this thing.  (It’s all about looks, you know.)

the after-party is at Slide. We’ll see how it all pans out.


Posted in CrazyCzechs, DJ, SF, Slide on Wednesday 27 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Wed 27 June 22:58 

finished work early tonight.  pretty good shift. 

going to meet the CrazyCzechs at Slide. my new favorite DJ Solomon is spinning. 

not hung over anymore! kick ass!

tomorrow is SFMagazine’s  Best of the Bay party.  I think it might suck. we’ll see.

post shift drinks

Posted in bicycle, drinking, hangover, SF, wine on Wednesday 27 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Wed 27 June 12:35

thats how i feel today.

went to Prick last nite with CrazyCzech. The bitchy bartender who looks like Phoebe Cates wasn’t there. instead, it was the guy with buzzcut who is usually a server. I usually go there on Tuesday nights because they have 50% off bottle wine special. (again, what’s with all the beer and wine lately?)

the 50% special is no longer valid, instead they do wine flights for $12.

I have a Woodford Reserve Manhattan on the rocks. CrazyCzech has a flight. nothing specifically fun or interesting happened at Prick.

We go up the hill to Amelie. the new-ish wine bar on Polk. It’s cool as fuck in there. It was hoppin. The bartender/owner guy, Germain, was giving us enoromous pours of pinot noir that I don’t remember. I think we had three of them. I decide that although I don’t like wine, Amelie is okay. not a place that I’d choose to go all the time, but it’s a cool space. The people there are a little annoying though.

Stumbled home probably around 1am, but stopped for pizza on the way home.

Woke up today hungry, thirsty, and dazed. still am.

hey, I think Germain only charged us for one glass of wine each. and I can picture leaving him lotsa cash. hm. maybe I drank more than I realized. and I also had 3 wine shpritzers towrds the end of my shift at work. no wonder I’m hungover.

don’t wanna work tonight. I’m supposed to interview a new server.
I should eat something. maybe a cheeseburger. but first a short nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

aggggh! I just realized that I locked my bike outside of Prick. and of course I was too drunk to remember it last night. I gotta go retrieve it. at least I wasn’t BWI again. Hope the crackheads didn’t steal anything off it.

hit or myth

Posted in crazy, CrazyCzechs, lunch, restaurant, SF with tags on Tuesday 26 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Tuesday 26 June 15:32

CrazyCzech and I just came from an excellent lunch at Myth Cafe. white corn-quinoa-goat cheese salad, turkey avocado sando with pickled onions (?) and mustard seed, and some deviled eggs to start. yummers.

at work now. a little early, so I’m blogging at the downstairs computer. It was bug nite last night. so I’m here to unwrap everything and dust off the pieces of dead bug fropm ourt glassware.

it’s windy as fuck outside.

i saw a somewhat-normal looking guy talking to himself outside Myth Cafe. I thought maybe he was on his bluetooth, but nothing in either ear. Which leads me to believe he’s looney tunes. there are lotsa them in this city.


Posted in sightings on Tuesday 26 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Tuesday 26 June 13:27

at Pride festivities in the CivicCenter this past Sunday, I saw several people i “know” from the gym.  the Shaved Head Guy From Yoga.  random Crunch Trainers.  Ahmed with some guy in the castro. Ahmed’s looking very skinny lately.

at Queen party at the embarcadero, I saw the Gay Porn Stars.  I don’t know if they’re actually porn stars, but one is always wearing a Hot House t-shirt.  One of them got his braces off. (no, he’s not young–looks somewhere around 32-38 or so).

today at the gym I saw Jocelyn Wildenstein Clone.  yesterday, Guy Who Lost Lotsa Weight; Napoleon; Runner Guy with Fernet Hat.

I should stop this silliness and update my previous posts about LA.    😛

metal till you die

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Tuesday 26 June 2007. 13:02

just came back from the gym. watched this oh-so-interesting doc on Heavy Metal music on VH1. I couldn’t tear myself away from it. And I don’t like metal.

i’m sure it’ll be re-run a bazillion more times, so maybe you’ll catch it sometime.

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