grand drama

so my parents went back to NY at 8am. (yawn… i’m still a

little sleepy.) Met CCGF here at the MGM. What’s the drama? Well, CCGF made a reservation a while ago, for a super-special deal for $90/night! (kick ass!) when she arrived here in vegas last night (or early this morning… it was 1am.) reservation was nowhere to be found. Drama drama drama.

without our reservation, they were happy to accommodate us with a room–for $350/night. no thanks.

back and forth, etc, talking to several guest relations folks, reservationists, managers, etc. discussing whether or not she should fax over a confirmation, but in reality, she has no idea where the hell her confirmation is. And there’s something wrong with her email server lately, so she’s not able to access the confirmation email. very curious drama.

We’re currently in a holding pattern at the moment. CCGF is downstairs talking to the reservation people now. I wonder what sort of wheeling and dealing they’re doing. After all, CCGF is a hotel employee herself, working as a concierge.

I’m also on standby while she’s talking with reservation people. I’ve found a room at the Excalibur. I know, how embarrassing. But it’s cheap. She’s gonna call and I’ll immediately book it, before it disappears. it’s so very involved. such unnecessary drama.

Since I’ve got some time, I’m getting ready for a day at the pool: SPF 30, tanktop, slides, speedo swimming trunks, etc. Should be a hot one today. 😮

she talked to the front desk asst. manager. He honored our original rate and all that. So we’re here until Friday, when we move to a different hotel, closer to the HardCock. Just in time to see the Killers.

going to the pool now!


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