vegas, baby!


5.29.07.  Just landed today (tues). Visiting the fam. They’re not as annoying as they usually are. They’re actually kind of endearing (for now. talk to me in 2 days–I’ll be ready to kill them.)

My flight was delayed for several hours, because a bird flew into one of the engines.  yuck!  I was stuck for several hours in SFO, with the hopes that I’d eventually get to Vegas before sundown.  about 5 hours later, I’m finally here in Vegas.  We stopped to eat at a tapas place, called Firefly near the HardCock.  Food okay. pretty crowded though.  cool vibe. refreshing sangria.

It’s hot here.  I know that tends to happen when you’re in the middle of the fucking desert.  But comparatively, it’s cold in SF.

CrazyCzech is gonna join me here on Wed night.  We’re gonna see the Killers on Friday!

damn i’m tired. gonna go for dim sum tomorrow, and perhaps luxuriate at the spa. 


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