wine snobs

bleah. wine snobs. there were two of them sitting at the bar today. i picked up a shift indirectly from Slow Bartender. He’s hungover got food poisoning again.

WineSnobs were a couple, probably in their mid-50s. Both ordered Cosmos as soon as they sat. She sucked hers down in less than 10min. wow. they’re serious drinkers. Then why the hell are they so snobby about wine? bleah.

They peruse our wine list, which is extensive. I don’t pretend to know everything about wine, nor do I care to. Mr. Wine Snob asked me about Petite Syrah. Went something like this:

Mr.WineSnob: what can you tell me about xxxx Petite Syrah? you have the 2005. We absolutely adore the 2003. You know, that one’s really rare. Or we’re also looking at the yyyy Petite Syrah. we’ve had yyyy before, and it’s just incredible.

me: (realizing that the xxxx is almost $60, while the yyyy is probably a few bucks less.) Sure, the xxxx is a little more popular, I’d say, it’s a bit on the fuller side, as most Petite Syrahs can be (not a lie).

Mrs.WineSnob: (slurring) I’ll have another Cosmo when you get a sec.

me: (laughing internally) right away.

eventually, they choose the xxxx Petite Syrah, much to their enjoyment.


meanwhile, there’s another couple next to them drinking several different tastes of reds. The WineSnobs start up a conversation. I didn’t hear the whole thing cuz I was busy, but I heard snippets of:

“oh, that’s just north of Napa County. Some great wineries up there. It’s the climate you know, very hot during the day, and much much cooler at night. Makes the grapes more flavorful…”

“…oh, you’ve never had Tempranillo? (turns to husband) Can you believe they’ve NEVER had Tempranillo?…”

and other such nonsense.

I’m not trying to be a hater. It’s just very irritating to listen to someone spew forth numerous wine factoids to their bar-seat neighbors to try to impress them. I don’t claim to know everything about wine, nor do I care to. And I certainly don’t go blabbing my supposed wine knowledge to anyone who’ll listen. 😛


3 Responses to “wine snobs”

  1. How can you tell they are wine snobs if they were drinking cosmos?

  2. I can’t believe they never had Tenpranillo, either. Jeez.

  3. I bet 3100 cases that there were people out there that would drink great wine with a fun label. But I was wrong. People drink label design.

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