Frank and I went to Santa Cruz on Sunday. Of course, we hit traffic on Highway17. It seemed like everyone else in Northern Cal had the same idea as we did.

We went to the boardwalk! it’s just like you imagine. Rides that’ll make you ralph, (yes, Frank actually used the term “ralph”, so I had to as well!) and games of skill. I played the shoot-a-water-pistol-into-the-clown’s-mouth-while-inflating-a-balloon-game and won a stuffed animal! kick ass! also went on the bumper cars.

weather, was typical: breezy and slightly cool one second, then somewhat-almost-uncomfortably hot the next sec. So I was alternatingly freezing or overheating. Sometimes both simultaneously. I’ll never get this whole “layering” thing.

There were enormous cans of Fosters ™ for $6! Bargain, considering it’s roughly 2x that of a regulation size American beer.
fosters.jpg The one I had was 25.9 ounces. that’s a lotta beer. Especially for someone who doesn’t drink beer that often.

Frank and I tried to go thrifting. The Salvation Army was closed. 😦 But we did go to a place called MoonZoom (i think that’s the name of it). It’s a vintage clothing mega-store. amazing. I didn’t find anything, but Frank found a new purse.

Also went to Crossroads. Got 2 new t-shirts on super sale, a tanktop (also on supersale) and a pair of pants for work! I’m constantly selling clothes to either Crossroads or Buffalo (s)Exchange, so I used my credit voucher. Its like free clothes! kick ass!

the temp started to drop, and we decided to eat somewhere. Frank had a list of places that a friend recommended to her. And General Manager called earlier to try to get me to pick up a shift that night. When I told her that I was in theCruz, she suggested that we try this wine bar called Soif.

So, we decided to get our wine on. I work at a wine bar/restaurant, so I’m no stranger to oenophiles. I tried a Rioja from 1968. Tasted kinda like brandy. I enjoyed it.

Walking back to our car, we passed a place called Saturn Cafe. Full of punk kids. excellent people watching. Later I learned from the kids at work, that Saturn Cafe is vegan. No way! That totally explains all the hipster kids!


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