I’m a dumbass



I borrowed a Zipcar today and went to Palo Alto. (it’s my favorite day trip! More on that topic at another time.)

I’m back in SF. I was on my way to return the Zipcar, when I got stopped by the coppers. Flashing lights and blinding floodlights and all.

Did I go through a red light? no.

Did I hit someone? no.

Did I crash into something? no.

So, why did I get stopped?
I forgot to turn on my damn headlights! I was only a few blocks from my apt. And only a few blocks from where I was returning the car. This Nissan Versa that I was driving, has this strange feature that illuminates the dashboard light, even though your headlights aren’t on. So I had no idea that I forgot to turn on my lights. I didn’t seem dark at all, because there are streetlamps everywhere.

i didn’t get a ticket, but I did get a “notice to appear.” I dunno what that the hell that means, but my court date is next month. Musta been a slow night for the SFPD.


One Response to “I’m a dumbass”

  1. Yeah I got a “notice to appear” too from sfpd, for not doing a complete stop. Why didn’t they just give me a ticket? Is it because they are confused by the fact that its a Zipcar and not registered under my name?

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