LaLohan and the Stalkerazzi

CrazyCzechs are in LA right now. Just got off the phone w CCBF. He’s hanging out by the pool at the hotel. Just had to listen to him ramble on about their afternoon at the Ivy yesterday, and watching the stalkerazzi and LindsayLohan. He tells me there were about 30 of ’em waiting outside trying to get a pic of her. And another 20 or so rubberneckers. She was sitting on the patio outside in front, with her back to the street. (Unlike Eva LongWhoria–when she was at Toast, she made sure to be facing the street so everyone could see her. But no one really cared.) Lindz had to literally run to the restroom after the meal was over. (probly to purge). She said her goodbyes to her dining companions, and, escorted by her bodyguards, marched through the throngs of stalkerazzi and jumped into her car. wow. the life of a young, seemingly talent-free hollywood starlet.


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