post-shift ramblings

Thursday 24 May, 2007; 22:45

I’ve decided that I’m gonna use military time, it makes me feel more global.

I’m kinda hungry. Was gonna get a Zipcar, but decided that I really don’t need to be driving anywhere right now. Where would I go? My apt. is so very centrally located already. Decided to eat some hippie dippie cereal that I got today at Whole Foods. It’s some banana matcha green tea granola garbage that tastes surprisingly delicious!

Slow night at the Restaurant. that’s why I’m home so early. Picked up the shift from Plo and her boyfriend husband. Worked with Alistair. The Restaurant owner and her friends were dining at the Restaurant tonight. Someone’s bday. They’re all in their 50s, Persian and filthy rich. It was quite a scene.

Tonight in the Kitchen, Rubie mentioned the ’70s PBS show “Villa Alegre“. I started singing the theme. wow. i’d completely forgotten about it until then. I’m sure my bro knows it too. We were, after all, raised by the same TV set.

The CrazyCzechs are in LA now. I’m not sure what for. Sometimes, it’s too complicated to ask. CCBF called to say they were outside the Ivy, and saw tons of paparazzi waiting. We discussed possibilities on which celebrity they all could waiting for. Turns out it was LL. He says she’s very skinny, but with a double chin. Must be all the alleged coke she’s been snorting.

Managing at the Restaurant tomorrow. Our GM is off, I think she’s moving or something. It’s just as well. She’s a bit of a stresser.

My new favorite DJ is DJ Solomon. I discovered him a few weeks ago at the closing party for the SF International FilmFest at Mezzanine. he’s a great DJ. It’s hard to explain what makes him such a good DJ, but I really like him. I caught one of his gigs at Slide last Wed. great music. Mostly mash-up, but 80s mashed-up with new stuff, which leads me to believe he’s about my age. I’ve also discovered that he’s the in-house DJ for the Warriors. How embarrassing. But whatever, it pays the bills, right?


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