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grand drama

Posted in travel, vegas on Thursday 31 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

so my parents went back to NY at 8am. (yawn… i’m still a

little sleepy.) Met CCGF here at the MGM. What’s the drama? Well, CCGF made a reservation a while ago, for a super-special deal for $90/night! (kick ass!) when she arrived here in vegas last night (or early this morning… it was 1am.) reservation was nowhere to be found. Drama drama drama.

without our reservation, they were happy to accommodate us with a room–for $350/night. no thanks.

back and forth, etc, talking to several guest relations folks, reservationists, managers, etc. discussing whether or not she should fax over a confirmation, but in reality, she has no idea where the hell her confirmation is. And there’s something wrong with her email server lately, so she’s not able to access the confirmation email. very curious drama.

We’re currently in a holding pattern at the moment. CCGF is downstairs talking to the reservation people now. I wonder what sort of wheeling and dealing they’re doing. After all, CCGF is a hotel employee herself, working as a concierge.

I’m also on standby while she’s talking with reservation people. I’ve found a room at the Excalibur. I know, how embarrassing. But it’s cheap. She’s gonna call and I’ll immediately book it, before it disappears. it’s so very involved. such unnecessary drama.

Since I’ve got some time, I’m getting ready for a day at the pool: SPF 30, tanktop, slides, speedo swimming trunks, etc. Should be a hot one today. 😮

she talked to the front desk asst. manager. He honored our original rate and all that. So we’re here until Friday, when we move to a different hotel, closer to the HardCock. Just in time to see the Killers.

going to the pool now!


vegas, baby!

Posted in flight, luxuriating, the fam, the killers, travel, vegas on Wednesday 30 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.


5.29.07.  Just landed today (tues). Visiting the fam. They’re not as annoying as they usually are. They’re actually kind of endearing (for now. talk to me in 2 days–I’ll be ready to kill them.)

My flight was delayed for several hours, because a bird flew into one of the engines.  yuck!  I was stuck for several hours in SFO, with the hopes that I’d eventually get to Vegas before sundown.  about 5 hours later, I’m finally here in Vegas.  We stopped to eat at a tapas place, called Firefly near the HardCock.  Food okay. pretty crowded though.  cool vibe. refreshing sangria.

It’s hot here.  I know that tends to happen when you’re in the middle of the fucking desert.  But comparatively, it’s cold in SF.

CrazyCzech is gonna join me here on Wed night.  We’re gonna see the Killers on Friday!

damn i’m tired. gonna go for dim sum tomorrow, and perhaps luxuriate at the spa. 

wine snobs

Posted in bar, drinking, wine, work on Tuesday 29 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

bleah. wine snobs. there were two of them sitting at the bar today. i picked up a shift indirectly from Slow Bartender. He’s hungover got food poisoning again.

WineSnobs were a couple, probably in their mid-50s. Both ordered Cosmos as soon as they sat. She sucked hers down in less than 10min. wow. they’re serious drinkers. Then why the hell are they so snobby about wine? bleah.

They peruse our wine list, which is extensive. I don’t pretend to know everything about wine, nor do I care to. Mr. Wine Snob asked me about Petite Syrah. Went something like this:

Mr.WineSnob: what can you tell me about xxxx Petite Syrah? you have the 2005. We absolutely adore the 2003. You know, that one’s really rare. Or we’re also looking at the yyyy Petite Syrah. we’ve had yyyy before, and it’s just incredible.

me: (realizing that the xxxx is almost $60, while the yyyy is probably a few bucks less.) Sure, the xxxx is a little more popular, I’d say, it’s a bit on the fuller side, as most Petite Syrahs can be (not a lie).

Mrs.WineSnob: (slurring) I’ll have another Cosmo when you get a sec.

me: (laughing internally) right away.

eventually, they choose the xxxx Petite Syrah, much to their enjoyment.


meanwhile, there’s another couple next to them drinking several different tastes of reds. The WineSnobs start up a conversation. I didn’t hear the whole thing cuz I was busy, but I heard snippets of:

“oh, that’s just north of Napa County. Some great wineries up there. It’s the climate you know, very hot during the day, and much much cooler at night. Makes the grapes more flavorful…”

“…oh, you’ve never had Tempranillo? (turns to husband) Can you believe they’ve NEVER had Tempranillo?…”

and other such nonsense.

I’m not trying to be a hater. It’s just very irritating to listen to someone spew forth numerous wine factoids to their bar-seat neighbors to try to impress them. I don’t claim to know everything about wine, nor do I care to. And I certainly don’t go blabbing my supposed wine knowledge to anyone who’ll listen. 😛


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Frank and I went to Santa Cruz on Sunday. Of course, we hit traffic on Highway17. It seemed like everyone else in Northern Cal had the same idea as we did.

We went to the boardwalk! it’s just like you imagine. Rides that’ll make you ralph, (yes, Frank actually used the term “ralph”, so I had to as well!) and games of skill. I played the shoot-a-water-pistol-into-the-clown’s-mouth-while-inflating-a-balloon-game and won a stuffed animal! kick ass! also went on the bumper cars.

weather, was typical: breezy and slightly cool one second, then somewhat-almost-uncomfortably hot the next sec. So I was alternatingly freezing or overheating. Sometimes both simultaneously. I’ll never get this whole “layering” thing.

There were enormous cans of Fosters ™ for $6! Bargain, considering it’s roughly 2x that of a regulation size American beer.
fosters.jpg The one I had was 25.9 ounces. that’s a lotta beer. Especially for someone who doesn’t drink beer that often.

Frank and I tried to go thrifting. The Salvation Army was closed. 😦 But we did go to a place called MoonZoom (i think that’s the name of it). It’s a vintage clothing mega-store. amazing. I didn’t find anything, but Frank found a new purse.

Also went to Crossroads. Got 2 new t-shirts on super sale, a tanktop (also on supersale) and a pair of pants for work! I’m constantly selling clothes to either Crossroads or Buffalo (s)Exchange, so I used my credit voucher. Its like free clothes! kick ass!

the temp started to drop, and we decided to eat somewhere. Frank had a list of places that a friend recommended to her. And General Manager called earlier to try to get me to pick up a shift that night. When I told her that I was in theCruz, she suggested that we try this wine bar called Soif.

So, we decided to get our wine on. I work at a wine bar/restaurant, so I’m no stranger to oenophiles. I tried a Rioja from 1968. Tasted kinda like brandy. I enjoyed it.

Walking back to our car, we passed a place called Saturn Cafe. Full of punk kids. excellent people watching. Later I learned from the kids at work, that Saturn Cafe is vegan. No way! That totally explains all the hipster kids!

I’m a dumbass

Posted in duh, Zipcar with tags on Sunday 27 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.



I borrowed a Zipcar today and went to Palo Alto. (it’s my favorite day trip! More on that topic at another time.)

I’m back in SF. I was on my way to return the Zipcar, when I got stopped by the coppers. Flashing lights and blinding floodlights and all.

Did I go through a red light? no.

Did I hit someone? no.

Did I crash into something? no.

So, why did I get stopped?
I forgot to turn on my damn headlights! I was only a few blocks from my apt. And only a few blocks from where I was returning the car. This Nissan Versa that I was driving, has this strange feature that illuminates the dashboard light, even though your headlights aren’t on. So I had no idea that I forgot to turn on my lights. I didn’t seem dark at all, because there are streetlamps everywhere.

i didn’t get a ticket, but I did get a “notice to appear.” I dunno what that the hell that means, but my court date is next month. Musta been a slow night for the SFPD.

do you crunch?

Posted in friends, gym on Saturday 26 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.



didn’t make it to the gym today. But yesterday, I saw some of my “friends”: Runner Guy w Fernet hat; Chubby-ish Latino Guy; and “Jocelyn Wildenstein.” (I used to call her “Collagen”, but then I came up with this name. I think it’s better, no?)

Clearly I don’t know any of these people. But I “know” them because I see them pretty often. Of course I’ll probably never actually speak to them, but I am enjoying my nicknames for them. I’ve got several more “friends”. I suppose I’ll introduce them, when I see them next.

I’ve just realized that all this makes me sound insane. 😮

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techno/raver jumpers

Posted in decadence on Saturday 26 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

this video made me laugh, and long for the days of clubbing.

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