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28 january 2014.

[sidebar]: how has it been more than a year since i’ve blogged?
easy. no one blogs anymore. it’s all about tumblr, vine, snapchat, pinterest. 
and i still use twitter. i’m such a dinosaur.

los angeles thCA0L5A1Gi’m headed to LA tmrrw.  the land of the beautiful, shallow, and self-centered.  i love it.

got nothing planned. it’s Amy’s bday.

[sidebar]:  how are my YOUNG friends suddenly  becoming older? weird!

got a place in WestHollywood from airbnb.  good times.

other than that, i’ll hang out with eegs, and maybe lulu.

thats all i got for ya.

*whew* it’s exhausting to start blogging again. no wonder i only fo this once a year.


how many times can i say this?

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i heart brandon flowers. and he’s got such a cute new haircut!









Killers – Vegas

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Killers - Vegas

FUCK YEAH! i’m in Vegas. on my way to see the Killers w/ Louis XIV and Most Thieves at the Cosmopolitan.


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quite possibly the gayest thing you could ever do on monday night, showtunes/musical mondays night at theEdge.

and it’s 2-for-1 drinks night, too. dangerous.

i went with aries, and we ran into kids from the OtherHotel.


i just got flashbacks to this:



and this:






what’s the capital of scotland?

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it was another exhausting saturday night at the concierge desk. i had worked alongside dar. [as you remember, (or not),  she, her BayAreaBoyfriend, and Aries and I became total BFF during the employee trip to SixFags a few weeks back.]

anyway, where was i? dar totally scored a tons of stuff (luggage, purses, clothes, wine) from hotel guests who were moving–or something like that, and earlier that day she met lotsa people from her alma mater, so she was on a high after work. she felt like she had just been on a game show!

she and i decided to celebrate with a drink. she called BayAreaBoyfriend, and he’d been drinkin at theEdinburgh Castle since about 6pm.  we get there, and the dance floor is hoppin, the DJ is pumpin tunes from the late90s and early 00s. (YEAH!)

i was surprised at how much fun i was having. because I always remember Edinburgh Castle as a place of beer-from-taps-that-haven’t-been-cleaned-since-the-place-opened-in-the-70s; and boring-as-fuck trivia nights. bleah. (even though, according to their website, it’s been voted the best trivia night several years running. *what-EVER*)

anyway, it was fun to listen to late 90s early 00s throwback. (thong song, mariah carey, destiny’s child!) and the several shots of jamesons certainly fueled the fun.

CrazyCzech met us after work, and some random friends stopped by too. several drinks later, the consensus was to go sing karaoke. (kara-OKAY!!). it gets a little hazy here–BayAreaBoyfriend was being aggressive–dar tells us it’s a common occurence–i suggest that perhaps its a result of all the testosterone pumping through his little body. she is only somewhat amused. they leave to get some food into him, and the other two are rounding up some alcohol–i think.

suddenly, it’s me and crazyczech. so we have another beer. (a kilt-lifter for me. it’s a local brew!)

next comes pizza, and lotsa gummi bears, and the next morning, a slightly hungover blogger.

good times.



go right ahead

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tues 11 sept 2012

saw the hives last night. damn they put on a great show!


and i (almost) forgot how stylish they are!




collective thoughts

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sun 9 sept 2012.

just checked this blog. damn. i havent written in several months.
it’s because i haven’t felt like it.

one of my friends just (well, “just” meaning 3 months ago) posted a comment–so i’ve re-connected with her after maybe 10+ years.

who needs facebook?

ive prolly got lots to write about, but i don’t feel like it.



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